Friday, March 16, 2007 Tsukihime: A Tragic Tale Under the Crimson Sky

I must say, I'm quite a sucker for everything related to Japanese anime, manga, games, and figures. I've been playing various games but nothing can be compared to Tsukihime.

Tsukihime is a visual novel doujin game created by TYPE-MOON. (Yep, the same that created Fate Stay Night). Being a visual novel, its main points are the in-depth and mysterious story. Oh, and by the way, the game is strictly for those above 18 since it has a quite number of violence and erotic materials (read: sex scenes). Originally, the game is in Japanese but fortunately a group, mirrormoon has fully translated it.

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The story begins with a little boy, Shiki Tohno who just had a life-threatening accident and upon waking up in the hospital, everything in his views are filled with strange lines. The poor boy getting frustrated with his eyes ended up with a fateful meeting a woman who taught him about life and gave him a pair of glasses that enables him to see normally.

Eight years later, Shiki who has been staying with his adopted family was summoned by her little sister, Akiha Tohno to his original home. She was also accompanied with 2 other girls who worked as maids.

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That day changed his life completely, he met with a foreign woman whom he had never met. A strange feeling engulfed him and told him to remove his eyeglass and follow her. Upon arrival to the girl's apartment, without any words, Shiki cut her into 17 pieces!!!

After he had realized what he had done, he tried to forget it and thought it as a dream. However, the next day, the girl were back to normal and demand a responsibility for Shiki's action........

The Characters

Arcueid Brunestud

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Main heroine of
Tsukihime. She was cut into 17 pieces by Shiki but were revived later. She was actually a vampire known as the "True Ancestor". She has been living for hundreds of years in a pursuits of other fallen vampires (or known as Dead Apostle). She came to he town where Shiki lived to hunt a vampire called Roa.


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She is Shiki's senpai (or senior) at school. Although actually she's an exorcist from the Church Organization who are specialize in exterminating vampires. She's also in a pursuit for Roa.

Akiha Tohno

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She is Shiki's little sister although in reality they weren't blood related. Tohno's lineage were cursed with demon's blood and many of them either died in a early age or by madness. Akiha is also struggling from the pain to control her power. She loves his brother more as a woman than a sister.


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A maid in the Tohno's household. She seemed like a cold and expressionless girl but in reality she has a lot of expression. She and Kohaku are twin sisters. She is entrusted to be Shiki's personal maid and specializes in cleaning.
8 years ago, she was a cheerful girl and always playing with Shiki and Akiha in the garden. However, after a certain incident, she started to close her expression.


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Also a maid in the Tohno's household. She is Akiha's personal servant and specializes in cooking. In the game, she always smiled and seemed cheerful (completely the opposite of Hisui).


Despite her cheerful appearance, her smiles were actually fake and her heart doesn't have any expression. She was planning for revenge towards the Tohno family. Hisui and Kohaku were brought by Akiha's father when they were little. Both of them were from a family that acts as "synchronizer". Akiha's father need their ability to control his power due to its demonic blood. However, the methods were through body fluids exchange (sexual intercourse). Since little, Kohaku were sexually abused and this traumatized her mind. Every time when she was abused, she will thought herself as a doll that can't feel anything.


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Arcuied teaches Ciel a lesson

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Akiha in her demonic hybrid form

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A fitting end for Kohaku??!!

There's also an anime version derived from this game, called Shingetsutan Tsukihime. You can check it out but be warned though the anime is nothing compared to this game.

p.s.: The images were taken directly from the game