Sunday, April 01, 2007 A cat is fine too....

Cats have always been a part of our family. Even if a cat died, there will be always a replacement, either by mysteriously come to our home on its own, or someone put a box full of cats in front our house, or relatives giving away cats.

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"There is something 'fishy' about the title"

Despite how people describe animals as "brainless" or "stupid", I think they have their own intelligence and can make use of its own brain. Cats are also quick learners too. Even though in average I have about 10-15 cats at a time, it's not that hard to feed them. Every time when I'm going to feed them, I will shout "FEEDING TIME!!!!" and they will run to me. Few days later, when I about to shout "FEE-", they will still swarm me even though I don't have food on my hand.

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"Need moar training!! Need to kick some dawgs ass"

In another case, there is this female Siamese that I really fond with. Every time I saw her, I will call her "ma pêche" (or "my peach" in French). Normally this will continue with bondage play and tentacle raping, a squeeze and a hug. After those numerous abuses incidents, she will always run away from me whenever I cried "ma pêche".

6 months later, when I've came back home from UM for semester breaks, all my cats will still recognize me and came to me. But when I called "ma pêche" again, the particular Siamese will run and hide in terror. That traumatized cat must have some superb memory!!!

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"Enemy spotted. Requesting orbital strike!!"

As an extra, I know this is old, but I like to see my cats doing something like this too.

It's a small footage showing an American Shorthair standing with its back legs.