Thursday, May 31, 2007 Bolt from the Sky

OK, previously I've never had any problem with lightning or thunder (eg. running around, hiding in cupboard, etc.), but recently due to an "event", I have added one new word to my dictionary; "keraunophobia" (you can google it if you want).

Last sunday, my house was hit by a lightning and damaging several electrical appliances along the way. There was no physical injuries though. Most of the electrical goods damaged are network-related items (telephone lines, Astro, pc).

Here's the list of the damaged items:
1. My 19" LCD Monitor (Urgh! My main rig!!!)
2. My motherboard's network adapter (Luckily, getting a new wouldn't be expensive)
3. My bro's 14" TV
4. My father's PC
5. My bro's PC (his lcd monitor survived though)
6. Telephone line upstairs
7. Astro decoder in the Living Room (luckily the one upstairs still survived)
8. The main house alarm system
9. My bro's handphone charger (Ok, no big deal)

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(picture somewhat related)

The main concern should be the alarm system, Astro and MY 19" LCD MONITOR!!!. I don't even have the mood to watch anime or playing in a 15". I've already sent the unit to a Samsung Service Center as it is still under warranty. Luckily they didn't ask too many questions (As far as I'm concerned, damage cause by power spikes or lightning are not covered by warranty).

I guess I might try getting one of those surge protector and hope it can prove what it claims. In the mean time, I'm going for an all out war against lighting or thunder related things

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These guys are also included in my hate list