Wednesday, June 20, 2007 New Instrument

LOL. I've just downloaded the complete 1st season of Heroes and started watching it (I know, I'm like several light years behind you all. So, I'm doing the honor to post this pic myself)

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With that, you can say I'm pretty oblivious to the the real world. I haven't train Battlefield with my fellow clan mates for a quite time. Heck, I even haven't patch the latest C&C3 patch yet. And more importantly, I haven't started doing the research proposal for my postgrad. (Noooooo!!!!)

Putting aside all those things, last weekend I've been to the Yamaha Musical Fair in Jusco Tebrau City and guess what I've bought?

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Woot!! My first guitar. I've bought the guitar pack which includes most of the basic things (amp, bags, cable, tuner, etc.). Since it was the last one, I didn't have any choice to pick other colors.

Originally, it was my lil brother who were eagerly to learn one. But since he doesn't have any cash, He insisted I buy it first so he can pay for it later. (And god knows, when will he have enough cash to pay it back). Oh, and speaking of god knows, I've tried performing the lead guitar part of the song, "God Knows" by Aya Hirano, but perhaps it wasn't a good time yet to post it in youtube.

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I wonder what instrument will born next?

As a side note, I've just got back my 19" LCD monitor from Samsung (the monitor that had been struck by lightning). Fortunately, I didn't have to pay a thing. LOL!!!11!