Thursday, November 29, 2007 Trick or Treat!!!

Waaa........ it' been a month since my last update >_<. Sorry about that... was seemingly busy these days... Anyways.... I've just received my Halloween Girl PVC yesterday from HLJ. Gosh.... it's been a while since I last bought a large scale figure....

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There's no exact reason why I bought this. It's not like I know where the hell she came from.. but the whole composition of the set does really charmed me a lot..

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For starters... the box she came from is certainly unique in its own way.. kinda remind me of a chocolate box....

To be frank... Initially I was quite afraid as the box is quite fragile and the fact I'm using normal SAL shipping method means that my package will less safe compared to EMS method. It took around 8 days to arrive from Japan. But thankfully, all is well

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The figure comes with a lot accessories. Aside from the girl itself, the pumpkins she leaning on is movable and really helps a lot to shift the girl anywhere you like. Too bad the "not-so-scary" ghosts are fixed with their own base. Anyway.. the built quality of the accessories are really great and it did a good job to give a Halloween atmosphere.

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As for the girl... it comes with a separable witch hat. Although it can be removed.. I still think she'd look better with her hat on. Oh, and another exciting feature is the outer clothing can be strip which makes this figure only suitable for 18 and above. And no... I won't post the pictures on my blog >_<.

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As this is my first 1/6 scale figure, I'd say I'm absolutely SATISFIED with this figure. I tried to find any defects but thankfully can't find any. The overall built quality is impressive. The others accessories did a good job to add color to the girl. And it's certainly my best looking figure in my current collections.

Maybe the downside is the slightly price.. I even had to cancel my Kureha for this figure... But I still find it worth my bucks ^^

Cute girl..... Checked
Good quality..... Checked
Cool accessories..... Checked
Girl can strip..... Checked


Manufacturer: Enterbrain
Scale: 1/6
Released: Oct 2007
Price: 7600 Yen