Thursday, May 08, 2008 Eroge Intro Music

After MIA for almost half a year, finally I took the initiative to start a new post for this blog. I'm kinda busy and lazy (more on the latter) to actively update it, but I will try to post more after this.

Back to the topic...

While Anime music may have getting more popular, Eroge (or Ero Games) music still remain underrated or unknown to the world (Probably due to the small niche of otakus that play this type of game and the perception of people to Eroge). Nevertheless, like Anime, they also have great Intro/Outro and soundtracks.

Some of my favorite are from Da Capo, Air, Seinarukana and the overly popular, Nursery Rhyme's True My Heart.

Here are some of other great Intros. I suggest you download buy the Singles. It's really worth your ears.

1. Lunatic Tears (11 Eyes)

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2. Eternal Fantasy ~愛は世界に遍く花のように~ (Eternal Fantasy)

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3. Eternal Feather (Ef - A tale fairy tale of the two)

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4. Distorted Pain (Gore Screaming Show)

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If you guys have other great songs, please share your thoughts here. KTHXBAI!!