Tuesday, June 03, 2008 Ar Tonelico: Oh I Wish I Played It Sooner...

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Please insert it gently and J-J-JAM IT IN!!!!

After my internet connection mysteriously went down for a few days (thanks to Streamyx), I decided to play again my dust-covered PS2. Browsing one DVD and another, I noticed there were a lot of RPGs I haven't try yet.

When I found the Ar Tonelico, I thought the game must have been the typical save-the-world-from-badguys-who-want-to-destroy-the-world-with meteor type of game. But recalling the nice Hymmnos Concert music CD from the game (which I have for several months), I decided to give it a try.

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Misha and Aurica

One of the main points of the game is the Reyvateils or Song Maidens who act as a support in battles. While in most part, the game will look like any other RPGs, but later on you will have the option to "dive" into the Reyvateil's
subconscious domain, known as the Cosmosphere. This is where the game turns into a Visual Novel.

Overall, although the game maybe kinda outdated, but the addition of the Visual Novel aspect as well as the nice comedic (and some innuendo) scenes apart Ar Tonelico from the rest of the RPGs. The game also boasts with 7 Endings to choose from according to path you're took. So you need some couple of hours to go through all of the Endings.

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Next post, I probably do some review on 11 Eyes or maybe 'ef - the latter tale'. I've yet to finish both games yet. Oh and here some Shurelia's Pic for your enjoyment. Ciao!

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