Sunday, July 01, 2007 The Coming of Age.....

Wee. I've just celebrated my birthday last Friday (29/6). Although there was no grand celebration (we used to have parties during my school days), at least I got something I need :P.

As usual, we had our dinner at Tebrau City before watching Transformers. IMHO, the movie is great :). The sound and visual effect were astounding. There were some hilarious scenes too.

The only flaw I found is the Autobot's dialogs were too choppy. But I guess it's acceptable since they are some kinds of alien robots.

Oh, and I think there was some slight errors regarding the characters. In the movie, the Decepticon's Devastator was portrayed as a Tank. But if my memory serves correctly, the Devastator should be the combined form of the Constructicons.

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The Constructicons

Ergh, nevermind that. Maybe someone like Carol can clarify it for me. He's an expert on these kinds of stuffs especially from boring western comics :P.

Putting aside that, for my birthday present, as usual my dad gave me some pocket money (which is what I've waited for). Unexpectedly, my mum presented me this.....

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LOL!!! It's a set of replicate katana and wakizashi (smaller sized katana). I have no idea why she bought this... Since it's a replica, the blade aren't sharp (damn) but it's still heavy. It makes me wonder how the samurais draw their blades fast.

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The unsheathed katana

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A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!

Well, at least I'm glad I still receive birthday presents (considering my age). A huge thanks for my beloved parents :X.

In the meantime, I'll use the "funds" to make some preparation for my upcoming Aego M :D.