Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Aego M: Entering the world of audiophile

After being 'posioned' by several reviews, finally I've got my hands on the "so-called" best 2.1 speaker under the RM1000 range, the Aego M. Previously I'm using the Logitech Z680 (also acclaimed as one of the best 5.1 speaker for PC), but it seems like I'm spending more time listening to music rather than playing games or watching dvd.

Unfortunately, music is not the Z680's forte since the bass are so boomy that it technically reduces the songs clarity. But don't get me wrong though, the Z680 is an awesome speaker if you're playing games or watching movies or listening bass-thumping music like rap or techno. It's just that most of my music collection are vocals, pop and instrumentals.

The package

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I've bought the package online from Davis via PosLaju. Fortunately there were no defects on the box. The package is surprisingly not that heavy. Roughly it should be around 9 kg.

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At first glance, I thought the subwoofer would be very heavy, but I was wrong. In fact it was very light, I could lift it with one hand. (My z680 in the other hand is amazingly heavy and it was quite painful to move the subwoofer from downstairs).

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As for the satellites, despite their small sizes, they were unexpectedly heavy. It's like lifting 2 balls of irons. Although I'm impressed the built and design did not turn out to be cheap or plasticly like other multimedia speakers.

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Thanks to the small factors of the speakers, my desk space is larger now. They say the satellites are best positioned 1.5 apart to obtain better soundstage.

Testing the Sound Quality

As for testing purposes, I've played 3 songs with (technically) different genres.

1. Kouya no hate e - Wild Arms 1 Op song ( Instrumental)
2. Summer Days - Summer Days game Op by Yuria (pop)
3. You Raise Me Up - Romeo X Juliet by Lena Park (ballad)

For the first song, the 2 guitar sounds really amazed me. The sound were very clear and there was no distortion either. When the other instruments came in, I can really hear each of them. The bass were also accurate and tight and the strings made me carried away.

As for Summerdays, the vocals were clear and there was no distortion even during high pitch. The drums were also clearly heard. I could even follow the bass line playing at the back. During the acoustic guitar solo, the sounds were marvelous. I guess this speakers really are suitable for instrumental after all.

For the last song, You Raise Me Up (finally an English song), the piano sounds were very clean as if I can hear the sound of the piano being pressed. The vocals were very clear and beautiful too. The soundstage were significantly better compared to my older Z680.


If you're using your PC for music listening especially vocal, instrumental or classical, than this speaker would be great for you. The bass is not as loud as the Z680 but they are accurate and tight (instead of the boomy bass from Z680). However, if you're into movies or playing games, then this speaker might disappointed you. You might as well get a decent 5.1. But so far, I'm satisfied with this speaker and there 's even more room for improvement. I'll guess I need to find more funds for a new sound card and better interconnects and speaker cables.