Saturday, September 01, 2007 Indulging in the World of MMORPG

There have been some problems with my old template so I had to change to a new one. Although I prefer the old one, but I guess I have to stick with this for a while until I've got the time to construct a new one.

I have been in a quite of slump for these few weeks. Although I'm online most of the time, I'm still busy with job hunting, postgraduate applications, watching anime, playing games, and making some preparations for my convocation next week.


To be honest, I'm not really a big fan of MMORPG. It's not like I hate those games but the fact that they have the potential to make someone secluded from the rest of the community and spending some money monthly makes me shivers.

It was then when my brother gave me the Installation Disc for Lineage 2. I was reluctant at first, but upon noticing an image of a female elf on the cover, I swiftly start to install it. Since my old primary school days, I always had a fetish on elves especially females.


In this game, you'll have to choose one of the 5 races (Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf). Obviously I choose an Elf. The game is similar to other point and click games. You need to complete tons of quests, leveling up, making a party, joining a clan, make war with other clans, joining a castle siege, and of course trading.

My first impression on this game is it has some really cool graphic. And the world is sooo huge that it will make you cry if want to go to the other side of the map without any money.

For more information, you can log on to It's still in open beta so it's free of charge in a mean time.


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There's always a place for some yuri

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Solo hunting, Deshou? Deshou?

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Elf in armor FTW!!