Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Back to KL (again.....)

(Ranting mode on)

I friggin' hate this city!!!! Not only I have to endure that damn traffic jams everyday, my apartment still don't have any internet connection yet >_<.

I've already wasted spent most of my time in UM last time and now I have to continue working here. Not to mention the awfully boring workloads need to be done.

P.S: Imma going to find a new job near my hometown ASAP

(Ranting mode off)

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The only thing that comforts me when there's no internet to turn to...

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you out there. Have fun and drive safely...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008 Ar Tonelico: Oh I Wish I Played It Sooner...

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Please insert it gently and J-J-JAM IT IN!!!!

After my internet connection mysteriously went down for a few days (thanks to Streamyx), I decided to play again my dust-covered PS2. Browsing one DVD and another, I noticed there were a lot of RPGs I haven't try yet.

When I found the Ar Tonelico, I thought the game must have been the typical save-the-world-from-badguys-who-want-to-destroy-the-world-with meteor type of game. But recalling the nice Hymmnos Concert music CD from the game (which I have for several months), I decided to give it a try.

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Misha and Aurica

One of the main points of the game is the Reyvateils or Song Maidens who act as a support in battles. While in most part, the game will look like any other RPGs, but later on you will have the option to "dive" into the Reyvateil's
subconscious domain, known as the Cosmosphere. This is where the game turns into a Visual Novel.

Overall, although the game maybe kinda outdated, but the addition of the Visual Novel aspect as well as the nice comedic (and some innuendo) scenes apart Ar Tonelico from the rest of the RPGs. The game also boasts with 7 Endings to choose from according to path you're took. So you need some couple of hours to go through all of the Endings.

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Next post, I probably do some review on 11 Eyes or maybe 'ef - the latter tale'. I've yet to finish both games yet. Oh and here some Shurelia's Pic for your enjoyment. Ciao!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008 Eroge Intro Music

After MIA for almost half a year, finally I took the initiative to start a new post for this blog. I'm kinda busy and lazy (more on the latter) to actively update it, but I will try to post more after this.

Back to the topic...

While Anime music may have getting more popular, Eroge (or Ero Games) music still remain underrated or unknown to the world (Probably due to the small niche of otakus that play this type of game and the perception of people to Eroge). Nevertheless, like Anime, they also have great Intro/Outro and soundtracks.

Some of my favorite are from Da Capo, Air, Seinarukana and the overly popular, Nursery Rhyme's True My Heart.

Here are some of other great Intros. I suggest you download buy the Singles. It's really worth your ears.

1. Lunatic Tears (11 Eyes)

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2. Eternal Fantasy ~愛は世界に遍く花のように~ (Eternal Fantasy)

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3. Eternal Feather (Ef - A tale fairy tale of the two)

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4. Distorted Pain (Gore Screaming Show)

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If you guys have other great songs, please share your thoughts here. KTHXBAI!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007 The Path of No Return....


It seems my post are updated once in a month....

Sheeshh... need to cut some slacks a little bit. Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post (Dengeki G's Festival Comic), it finally arrived yesterday after waiting for the whole week. (Then again, maybe it was delayed due to Xmas)

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Aside from the G's Festival Comic, I also ordered the January edition of Dengeki G's. There's nothing special about the mag though. It only comes with a cute Clannad keychain.

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If you already read about my previous post, it's the freebies from the G's Festival that I really want. Nevertheless, the mag (although it's as a thick as a yellow pages book) is kinda exciting as it sports with nice comics adapted from some PC visual novel game. Except that I don't have the proficiency to read Moon language...

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Again.... the magazine comes with,

1. Clannad Mousepad - Although it kinda weird as the mousepad is so small compared to normal one. (In fact calling it a mousepad would be an insult to my current Razer Mantis.....). Oh well, at least it has a nice pic of Nagisa and Fuko ^__^.

2. To Heart2 Another Days Handphone Cleaner - I'm not sure how reliable this thing is... but i think it can wipe out the dust on the lcd...

3. Kenshin Uesugi Hug Pillow Cover - Now we're talking... the only reason why I ordered the damn book. I've always wanted one of this but the usual price for these kinda thing would probably cost one of my arm. Too bad the pillow case is only one-sided, but for the price, I'm more than happy.

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And finally the final touches....

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Okie... hopefully I can update more regularly next time (Yea... right...). Anyway just stay tune and Have a wonderful New Year!!!! Kthxbai!!!

Sidenote: There is a high probability that after viewing this post, I would be avoided from the rest of the society.....

Thursday, November 29, 2007 Trick or Treat!!!

Waaa........ it' been a month since my last update >_<. Sorry about that... was seemingly busy these days... Anyways.... I've just received my Halloween Girl PVC yesterday from HLJ. Gosh.... it's been a while since I last bought a large scale figure....

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There's no exact reason why I bought this. It's not like I know where the hell she came from.. but the whole composition of the set does really charmed me a lot..

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For starters... the box she came from is certainly unique in its own way.. kinda remind me of a chocolate box....

To be frank... Initially I was quite afraid as the box is quite fragile and the fact I'm using normal SAL shipping method means that my package will less safe compared to EMS method. It took around 8 days to arrive from Japan. But thankfully, all is well

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The figure comes with a lot accessories. Aside from the girl itself, the pumpkins she leaning on is movable and really helps a lot to shift the girl anywhere you like. Too bad the "not-so-scary" ghosts are fixed with their own base. Anyway.. the built quality of the accessories are really great and it did a good job to give a Halloween atmosphere.

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As for the girl... it comes with a separable witch hat. Although it can be removed.. I still think she'd look better with her hat on. Oh, and another exciting feature is the outer clothing can be strip which makes this figure only suitable for 18 and above. And no... I won't post the pictures on my blog >_<.

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As this is my first 1/6 scale figure, I'd say I'm absolutely SATISFIED with this figure. I tried to find any defects but thankfully can't find any. The overall built quality is impressive. The others accessories did a good job to add color to the girl. And it's certainly my best looking figure in my current collections.

Maybe the downside is the slightly price.. I even had to cancel my Kureha for this figure... But I still find it worth my bucks ^^

Cute girl..... Checked
Good quality..... Checked
Cool accessories..... Checked
Girl can strip..... Checked


Manufacturer: Enterbrain
Scale: 1/6
Released: Oct 2007
Price: 7600 Yen

Saturday, October 27, 2007 Dengeki G's Festival Comic


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I've never bought any Dengeki or Megami magazine before although I did downloaded the scans. Considering how hard to get it locally (especially the more erotic Dengeki Hime) and the fact I'm having a hard time reading moon language make me hard to buy the mags..

So what's so special with the magazine, you ask?

Well, this is the first volume for the G's Festival Comic and it contains manga based on bishoujo games. But the part that I like most is the goodies.....

The magazine will include:

1. A mousepad featuring Nagisa and Fuko from Clannad
2. Cellphone cleaner featuring characters from To Heart 2
3. A Hug pillowcase featuring Uesugi Kenshin from Sengoku Rance

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Obviously, the main reason why I'm going to buy this magazine is because of this hug pillow >_<. (Ooh, I'm starting to turn into a pervert....)
The magazine would most probably cost around 1800 yen (RM50.42). Considering you'll get a hug pillowcase, I'd say it's quite a bargain as the normal pillow case would be as high as 9000 yen (RM252.26).

More info from here

Thanks to Shingo for the heads up ^^

Btw, I've already pre-ordered these 2 figures (Arcueid and Akiha) from Meltyblood / Tsukihime. The official pictures haven't released yet at the moment though.

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Ok, ciao!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 I’M TAGGED, THEREFORE….

Ok. I got tagged by Vixen. Oh, well. I guess I'll get it done quickly ^_^.

Repeat subject header “I’M TAGGED, THEREFORE…”
Copy + paste these rules in your entry.

Complete these 15 totally useless statements & questions.
Mention who you were tagged by, followed by 8 people who you’ll be tagging.

If I was an opposite gender, what would my party clothes be like?
.................................... In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words

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..... I'd be glad if you guys refrain from any questions in this matter........

At 10am this morning, I was…

Paying the Astro and Streamyx bills at the post office

At 10pm tonight, I will be…
duh. look at the time of my post below..

Who should be the next Malaysian Prime Minister?

um.... a monkey or a chimpanzee? I'm sure it won't be any different from the current situation..

If my spouse told me to do without sex for a year, I would…
Cool! Now I can get rid of that b!tch and go for someone else

If I was a piece of a car, I would be the…


If I was told one day that I would have to give up either 1) anything chocolate OR 2) ever seeing the beach again, for the rest of my life, which one will I give up?
I don't have the crave for chocolate and I don't really like the beach. Can I choose to give up both? Can I? Can I?

Singapore is good for…
plastic bags. Yup, very good, nice looking plastic bag. Best plastic bag I've ever seen

If I could only say 3 words before I die, what would those last words be?

I'm......your.........father....... *dies*

Who would I like to be left on a deserted island with?

My computer....... It's true!!! My PC is a she!!

Die by drowning or by fire?
Drown like Di Caprio?? No way!!! I'm not going to die like that fag.

What one single thing would you buy with your last RM9.95?

Magazines and an iced lemon green tea

If I opened a night club, what would I call it?
Se' X-club. Definitely going to attract a lot of people

Don’t cheat: what’s “bulbous”?
Ah!! I can't understand those hard English words!!!

I think my ass is…
not like this kind of ass

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Btw, I'll be tagging these guys next

lanie emon

OK. Time for some grinding in Lineage II. Ciao!